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PlaylistBot 9000

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Sending a master gas via alerts:
Click the dollar sign at the bottom of chat,
select the alert level and send a command!
Paid MasterGas:
Alert red masterGAS (now gives you up to 1 hour of link removal from the main playlist [FIXED and tested])
Alert blue masterGAS (classic paid masterGAS)

PayPig A link to play:
Alert color whiteListedURLtoPlay (will add it to the bot to be played next, first in first out ordering) (more expensive colors get played next first)

You can also now pay pig links into priority queues for RED, BLUE, GRAY's
Reds will get played next until they are empty (same thing will happen for every queue after it)
^pay pig features are in alpha but should work^

@playlistbot help and explore
@playlistbot addtoplaylist YoutubeVideoUrl, sound cloud, and others
@playlistbot startplaylist

You can gas the current video with the gas emote from this channel

gas which is :gas:

@playlistbot geturl
@playlistbot playinginfo
@playlistbot gasstats
@playlistbot blame
@playlistbot merch
@playlistbot tos
@playlistbot masterGAS if you want to gas a video that you added
@playlistbot stats
@playlistbot help2 yes there are two of them
@plb help3 yeah there is another one now
@playlistbot findvid text in the name of the video
@plb findbump text in the bump name
@plb getpage 1 or some other page number of search results
@plb addmyvid vidnumber
@plb addmybump bumpnumber

Fun Facts:
Did you know that playback is random?
Did you know that you can only gas from the playlistbot9K channel?
Did you know that your gas leaves with you if you switch to another channel?
Did you know that you can pay pig to mastergas and add videos from the WHITE LIST sources?

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Your browser does not support the 'canvas' element. :(
Open Platform Livestreaming