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General Livestreaming Info
To stream on you first need a streaming software. I put the buttons below to make it easy for you.
For PC you can use OBS Studio or Streamlabs. But you should probably use OBS Studio. It generally has better performance, despite not being as fancy looking. Additionally you may be interested in wasting hours of your life attempting to install, remove, re-install, configure, diagnose, setup, use, then reinstalling Voicemeeter, which allows you to attempt to manage audio routing for streaming entirely in software.
Once you've made it that far, you'll just want to make sure of a few settings in OBS. Mostly just 1 setting, and that is your keyframes. You'll want to make sure you have those set to 1.
Ensuring keyframes are set properly will be the best chance you have at having a somewhat decent stream. By default it is set to 0 or automatic, which, on average, causes at least an additional 30 second stream delay and in extreme cases, may be up to an additioanal 45 seconds. Which is pretty bad.
Some FAQs
in technical terms
1. What is the delay?
First, verify your keyframes are correct. This will give you about a 10 to 20 second delay.
If you are having issues with delay, trying moving somewhere with actual internet. . . or using an ethernet cord, decreasing resolution/bitrate, enabling low latency mode, or just giving up entirely like everything else you tried and failed at in life.

2. How do I ban here?
You can do /ignore Username to ignore a user.
Tip: /i Username to save keystrokes & also try/u for unignore.

3. What's a good bitrate?
Generally 1mb/s (720p30) up to 4mb/s (1080p30).
2.5mb/s tends to do the best for most users.
Please Note: We have Australian viewer(s) and if you exceed 5mb/s they'll start complaining.

4. How do I emote?
Try: :blobby:
You're on your own for the rest.

5. What is Global 🌎 Chat?
It's in chat settings, turning it on lets you read and respond to users in any chat streamn not just the stream you are watching.

6. What are these videos that keep playing?
Bumps or Bumpers (I'm not 100% sure which it is).
It's better content than most of the streams though, so enjoy them.
The Basic Rules
1. Use your brain. ( Don't be dumb )
2. Do not remove your hazzy outside of Spooky's stream.
3. Do not coof on chat, and do not eat bats.
4. Be sure to thank the mods, they do it for free after all.
5. Don't attack chat.
6. This is not should not be a dating site.
7. Attempts to interfere, disrupt, or disable normal operations of the site will be subject to IP Scraping™.
8. If it's illegal in the US don't show it. We're not here to fight for your legal battles.
Violation of US law will lead to account removal and is subject to IP banning (see rule 7).
9. If you don't like what you're viewing, stop watching it. If you don't like what you're reading, stop reading it.
Otherwise, you can write an essay on your feelings here:
10. When in doubt, ask chat.
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